The Chinese Takeout Emoji Is Getting Flak For Cultural Appropriation
October 12, 2017
Christina George (1177 articles)

The Chinese Takeout Emoji Is Getting Flak For Cultural Appropriation

The iOS 11.1 update brought about some pretty cool emoji’s such as a mermaid, and gender-neutral people. However, they also received a bit of flak for the new Chinese takeout emoji, here’s why: the Chinese takeout box emoji features a traditional white and red accented takeout box with chopsticks sticking upright from an unseen pile of food.

According to Ming-Cheau Lin, a writer and recipe developer born in Taiwan, this is a symbol of disrespect.

The chopsticks appear to mimic the way Chinese people culturally honor the dead by leaving a burning stick of incense upright in a bowl of rice. “Taiwanese culture forms part of Chinese culture,” Lin explained. “I was raised [to consider this bad etiquette], and from my understanding, the same applies in China and Japan.”

However, one of the design creators, Jennifer 8 Lee, countered her argument on Twitter but changed the design to uncrossed chopsticks.

Yiying Lu, reiterated that the chopsticks would remain uncrossed and spoke about how, when faced with a critique, it’s important to have a dialogue about it.

Ladies, we agree!

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Christina George

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