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Chill Out At Café Coffee Day With Their New Summer Chillers


Summer has made its unwelcome appearance and we’re all feeling the heat. To help us get through the day, Cafe Coffee Day has launched Summer Chillers.

Head To CCD To Chill Out

The new Summer Chillers drinks are the Almond Rabdi Frappee, the Creamy Toffee Frappe, the Cool Jamun Slush, the Sugarcane Refresher, the Toffee Cold Coffee and the Citrus Cold Brew Coffee.

The Almond Frappe blends together a favourite Indian dessert in a glass and is served with whipped cream and crunchy almond flakes, while the Toffee Frappe has  rich toffee sauce blended into a chilled frappe, topped with whipped cream and butterscotch.

The ‘Cool Jamun Slush’ is made with Kala Jamun and the Sugarcane Refresher has sugarcane juice blended with lemon, ginger and khus. Finally, the Toffee Cold Coffee has layers of cold coffee with toffee and ice, while the Citrus Cold brew has cold brew blended with mandarin flavours.

Speaking on the new launch, Venu Madhav, CEO, Café Coffee Day, said, “This summer is going to be a hot one. With temperatures on the rise, we wanted to provide everyone with a summer getaway that’s super close to home. Customers can sit back, chill and cool off at their favourite CCD this summer as we’ve got a new and eclectic range of cool refreshing beverages. The new Summer Chillers beverages menu has a variety of options for everyone that will appeal to different moods and taste. It’s got indulgent options like the coffee based frappes to popular Indian refreshing fruit options to evolved coffee based drinks. The range is truly one of a kind that offers a fusion of flavours, unique only to CCD, and will excite your adventurous taste buds immediately. This summer at CCD is going to be really a chilled out one!”