Chicken Pho Recipe

Pho, pronounced in different ways around the world, is a Vietnamese traditional street food that is made using broth, noodles, herbs and meat. It’s become a very famous dish all over the world now, speciality restaurants serving it, famous chefs making it. So it only makes sense that we make it for you to try at home. It’s relatively simple and you get to play around with the recipe as you wish because there are a lot of elements that you can change in the cooking process.

One of the great things about making Asian food at home is that you need a few constant elements that you can pick and choose when you’re making the dish. Lemongrass, soy sauce, salt, pepper, noodles are just to name a few. You can mix it up as you please, use any kind of noodles, make your own stock or buy some. Hopefully, our recipe does not disappoint and while it’s not authentic and it’s not going to be praised by Vietnamese chefs, we hope that it makes you try something different at home.