Chianti the Italian Restaurant – Bangalore


Chianti is a pretty restaurant with ambient lighting situated in Indranagar, Bangalore, that serves up Italian food. The lighting pairs well with the all wooden furniture, and has an attractive bar positioned in the centre of the restaurant. It caters to the taste of people who expect their dishes to be as authentic as is possible, to source the produce and to keep food close to the classics. The bar is wine only with mocktails and other soft drinks. The waiters are well informed about the wines in their cellar and do enlighten you on the ones to pick. The menu is kept simple and explanatory without over crowding the card, so the choice is easy to make.  Their menu begins with an Antipasti selection and a choice of Zuppa- soups, pasta, risotto, pizzas, and other dishes, coming to the very interesting desserts.

What We Tasted:

Krsma Cabernet Sauvignon

Krsma Wine_compressed

Krsma Cabernet Sauvignon, we ordered a bottle, red wine suggested by their staff. We tasted and approved their choice and then they poured out our measure for the moment. The bottle was neatly nestled in an ice bucket cloaked in a pristine white serviette.

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro

bruschetta photo 2_compressed

Bruschetta Al Pomodoro set the mood for wine set before us and while we browsed through the menu, we were prompted to try their bruschetta, this is usually served as a starter. It was served to us in a wooden platter and they also served some flavoured bread in a basket as compliments from the restaurant.

Pollo Del Chianti

Compressed Chicken Chianti

Pollo Del Chianti was really delicious and well presented. It is a classic combination of chicken, mushroom and mash potatoes. Served warn with a sufficient sauce. Good size portion.

Fettuccini Creamy Sauce Pasta

Pasta photo 1_compressed

A customized fettuccini was presented with mushroom and olives in white creamy sauce. The paste was al dente with the sauce about the right thickness without being too heavy. Here again it was a good size portion.

Torta Formaggio Di Mirtillo

BlueBerry Cheesecake photo 3_compressed

They refilled our wine and they suggested the Blueberry Cheesecake Torta Formaggio Di Mirtillo, with a little mango sauce on the side for fruity contrast. It was artistically plated up.

The service was prompt, warm and courteous. They have a smoker’s zone, dine-in only and the cost about Rs. 1800/- for two approximately.