Chennai’s Most Treasured: Tender Coconut

Tender coconuts are often associated with the idea of being the fruits of the summer. They’re also thrown into recipes like this one.

Found in different parts of the world and most popularly in tropical countries, this fruit is enjoyed as a beverage and for it’s pulp. It is also made into desserts like soufflé’s and puddings that are quite irresistible for it’s exotic flavour.

A tender coconut comes with a refreshing pour of coconut water that is loaded with health benefits and tastes great, especially for the summer. This light and healthy drink has been a popular choice of beverage across the country and living in Chennai, it is easy to say that this drink is a favourite for everyone and thanks to vendors on every corner of the streets in the city, it is easy to find them.

A little special something that most of us look forward to is the coconut, the tender coconut flesh we get to enjoy after we’re done with the drink. It is scooped out from the walls of the fruit and served fresh to enjoy and oh my, the soft and sweet taste of that coconut is something you can’t miss!


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