Chennai’s Most Treasured: Fish By The Beach

Let’s talk about food in Chennai, shall we. The first thing you think about when you send your mind on a food trip across the city is home and tradition. Chennai’s food is filled with more than just the traditional masala and spices. It carries with itself the taste of home, the feeling of family, and the nostalgic sense of comfort. With the downpour of continental food in the city today thanks to new establishments and restaurants, Chennai’s true flavours seem to have almost been cast aside, but definitely not forgotten. A walk by the beach might enlighten you a little on some of the favourite things the city loves snacking on every day. 

While we’re taking a walk by the beach, fish is one of the things that comes to mind and it’s also something many enjoy in the city. Being a coastal region, there really is plenty of fish coming in for everyone to enjoy and one of the most treasured places to enjoy it is by the beach, where food stalls are most commonly selling delicious fish preparations for everyone to feast on. So today, we’re having some fish by the beach, and we’ll say this – it is delicious, packed with the peppery and spicy flavours of the south, and we’re loving it.