#ChennaiEats: What You Should Eat This Week

Despite what people say or think, there is so much to eat in Chennai.  Every cuisine you can think of is available in the city and you never have to look too far to get your hands on something as delicious as Parsi food or Italian. But obviously there are also places that you need to go more than once simply because the food is just so good. And to help you decide what you should eat and drink this week, here’s a list of places that we have enjoyed and would recommend you return to at any given opportunity.

From Chinese to Italian to North Indian, there’s something for everyone. We’ve got a short list of one dish per day (per meal) that you can indulge in and if you think you’ve got a better suggestion, we’re all ears! So Tuesday to Sunday, we’ve got your week planned. You just need to decide when to eat what and with how many people. You’re welcome.

Cold Potato & Leek Soup – Gossip Bistro


This is one of their summer specials and it will seriously help you fight against this Chennai summer that just never seems to end. Yes, they have non-vegetarian soups as well, but nothing will make a perfect starter quite like this.

Chicken/Veg Momos – The Red Box


They operate out of little red kiosks that you might sometimes miss, but they deliver and they do it fast. If you’re not in the mood for a heavy lunch or you just want an early evening snack, their momos are to die for. Big in size, juicy in taste and paired with the spicy sauce, they are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Spaghetti Meatballs – The English Tea Room at The Faraway Tree


If you think you’ve had the best spaghetti meatballs there ever was, you are sorely mistaken. There is nothing quite as delicious as this. It’s a big bowl full of hot spaghetti seasoned to perfection and then warm meatballs are mixed in and you can spend your entire lunch just drooling. Beware the splashing spaghetti, because most of us forget that it can get messy sometimes.

Dum Aloo Benarasi – Hamsa


For vegetarians everywhere, dishes at Hamsa are all pure vegetarian and painstakingly made. This is part of a new line of fine-dining restaurants in the country and if you’re going to eat anything while you’re here, make sure it is this baby potato in tomato curry dish.

South African Red Tea – Tea Trails


This week’s list is meant for tea drinkers, next week we’ll recommend a coffee or non caffeinated drink for those that don’t drink either. Visit Tea Trails either in Ashok Nagar or Neelangarai and make sure you get yourself a warm cup of the South African Red Tea. It will calm you down instantly and work wonders on your mood for the rest of the day.

Theobroma – Fresh Baked Goodness

Credit: Zomato
Credit: Zomato

This might be the one dessert at Fresh Baked Goodness that everyone will recommend and that means that it’s also the one dessert that you need to complete this week. It’s perfect in every way and totally worth giving up chocolate for afterwards. 

* Some pictures are only for representation purposes, the appearance of the dishes will vary depending on the restaurant.