Chennai is second on the World Foodie Map!

Chennaites, Eat and Celebrate!

We, Chennaites, get very emotional about our food. We may be at work, school or play, but place a piping hot cup of Filter Kaapi in front of us and we’re listening. 

Our beach Bajjis, rose milks and Sambar Vadais are oh, so dear to us, that it’s overwhelming to be on the National Geographic’s Food Cities list! 

From Chicken 65 to sushi, every corner of the city is brimming with splashes of different cuisines. Food festivals, street food gatherings, food walks and dessert walks are on the rise. 

Chennai is second on the World Foodie Map!

The city’s favourite food groups and bloggers are smiling from ear to ear. “From being extremely conservative about food, Chennai has suddenly jumped on to the world’s food map. Not only does it offer authentic south Indian food, it also has room for international cuisines and modern versions of traditional food. Experimentation is big. Chennaiites are willing to experiment with their food and so are restaurateurs. Even our idiyappam and kothu parotta are being re-interpreted,” says Doc Waz, author of popular blog Chennai Foody .

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Osaka in Japan, and Ensenada in Mexico are on the same list. It is now time to grab a plate and head around the city on a Food-venture.