Chennai Goes ‘Full Local’ At Anna Nagar

Chennai is known for its plethora of street foods that have their roots in many cuisines from all over the country and from around the world. Food lovers in Chennai know exactly where to go for that perfect kulfi or that iconic sandwich. All these street foods met under one roof at Anna Nagar this weekend for ‘Full Local’, a street food festival organized by Cravebit.

Chennai Goes ‘Full Local’ At Anna Nagar
Full Local, Anna Nagar

This two-day event on the 27th and 28th of April was the first of its kind at Anna Nagar and saw foodies, families, and people from all walks of life gathered for an evening of good food, entertainment, and fun. From the traditional fare like dosas and ice golas to western favorites like burgers and waffles, the visitors were absolutely spoilt for choice. The place was packed with people, smelt of delicious food and resonated with the music from the entertainment that was put for the visitors.

The event began at 4.30 pm on Saturday with the MC introducing each of the 30 stalls and sponsors. Food joints like The Red Box, Thai Food House, Dosart, Chef’s Paradise, Madras Curry Cup, Twisted Potato, Nawabi Haleem and Snack Sandhai dished out their specialties to an eager crowd bent on getting a taste of every item on the menu. While some went around watching the dishes being made and enjoying the aromas, the others took their seats to eat with ease.

“The crowd that turned up was almost triple of what we expected and they were all brand new customers. Our special for the day The Chocolate Dosa and our most popular Pasta Dosa were a huge hit and got sold out very soon. This is the very first food festival that we’re a part of and we are delighted with the response and the reach we have gained. We’ve been receiving amazing video testimonials ever since”, said Anish and Poornimaa, founders of Dosart, one of the most popular stalls at the event.

Lifestyle brands like All That Jars, Sugar Plum etc., and fashion brands like Fem Fashions, Pink Designers, etc., also made their mark at the event. Dance and music performances kept the audience entertained while they bit into the freshly prepared dishes. Apart from the absence of parking facility, which was the only glitch in the event, the crowd went home thoroughly satisfied with a delicious experience to last them until the next time.

“The experience was great and there were so many unique dishes to choose from. The Crab Omelette was my favorite and I loved the painted pots that were on sale”, said Pooja, a foodie from Chennai.

The event definitely served as a much-needed break from the monotony and gave the urban folk a taste of what the age-old ‘thiruvizha’s from our villages would be like.