Chennai Based “Gulabs” Wins Best Food Product by Karen Anand

Gulabs, the makers of tasty hand-crafted Indian snacks, was recently awarded the “Best Food Product” by Karen Anand at the recently held Chennai Market.

Best known for their khakhras, masalas, pickles and sharbats, Glubas has been one of the most preferred food brand in the country. They use age-old recipes that preserve the intended flavour, giving customers the experience that they’re truly looking for.

The Chennai Market was held at the beginning of September at Phoenix Market City, as part of the Farmer’s Market initiative by Karen Anand which was started in December 2012 in Pune. Since then, Karen Anand has conducted the successful Farmer’s Markets across the country in cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata. The Chennai edition saw a gathering of food lovers, entrepreneurs and more experiencing curated food items as well as meeting with exhibitors from different culinary fields.

Chennai Based “Gulabs” Wins Best Food Product by Karen Anand Photo 1

Ruchika Gupta, VP Sales and Marketing of Gulabs spoke about the award and said, “We are delighted to have been awarded the title of Best Food Product by Karen Anand. Gulabs products have been lovingly imbibed by most households today. Age old traditions are our heritage and we aim at preserving them and making it available to all.”

Gulabs products are FSSAI certified and also suitable for Jain consumption, plus the packaging is eco-friendly and made from age-old recipes that have been handed down through generations. You can order your Gulabs products through their online store or find them in stores like Nuts ‘n’ Spices, Gormei Kitchen, Amma Naana and more.