Chennai-Based Gulabs Launches Tiny Khakhras In Three Delicious Flavours

You’ve heard the name Gulabs everywhere because they’re selling delicious Indian snacks that are familiar but also have something new to offer. And now this Chennai based company is introducing something new to their collection – Tiny Khakhras!

Khakhras are a Gujarati snack, in the form of thin crackers made from mat bean, wheat flour and oil. And Gulabs is now bringing that in an easier form. Usually served as breakfast, the Gulabs khakhras are just 2.5 inches in diameter and available in three flavours – Plain, Ajwain and Methi. They can work as a quick breakfast or as a snack.

Speaking about the launch of the Tiny Khakhras, Ms. Ruchika Gupta, VP Sales and Marketing of Gulabs said, “We are happy to see that Gulabs as a brand is being accepted by many a society of varied cultural backgrounds and is well appreciated and consumed by many food connoisseurs. We decided to go ‘Tiny’ on the Khakhras considering the quick munch, travel segment and portability factor which they would bring about.”


They are perfect for any time of day and work well with dips or as the toppings of a salad. Plus, they are easy to carry around in your bag during a long day and you need a snack. Gulabs Tiny Khakhras, and their other products, are available at all leading food retail outlets in the country. You can also purchase them online.

Each box of Tiny Khakhras has 10 pieces and is priced at Rs. 50.