Chelsea Peretti’s Tweet Sparks A Dessert Debate


No one really cares about how you eat cake especially when you have a huge piece of dutch chocolate cake in front of you who cares how you finish it off the plate right? Well, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actress Chelsea Peretti sent twiterratis in a frenzy over how one should eat cake and trust us, you may never eat cake the same way again!

Peretti posted an image of an eaten slice of chocolate except obviously it had all of the frosting intact. See it for yourself in the image below that she shared on Twitter.

Chelsea Peretti's Tweet Sparks A Dessert Debate

Her tweet got more than 22000 likes, 5000 retweets and 1500 comments – clearly, a lot of people have a lot to say about her way of eating her cake. Some were mortified and some were surprised, some even thought this cake-eating method should be illegal! “JUST DON’T EAT CAKE! Have a muffin! Leave the cake to actual cake lovers!” commented a twitter user. Is cake even cake without frosting? Tell us in the comments below!