Chefs Will Be Both The Cooks and The Servers At The Soon To Launch Scratch Bar In California

Has your restaurant experience ever been spoilt by a waiter who is absolutely clueless about the kinds of food and ingredients that the restaurant serves? Who shrugs his shoulders when you ask whether a dish is dairy and strolls over to the kitchen to ask the chef whether every meal you want is available? 

At Scratch Bar, which will open in early December in Encino, California that won’t be a problem anymore. Chef Phillip Fraknland Lee, who is both the owner and a chef will have the chefs and kitchen employees delivering food to tables and taking orders instead of waiters.

That way, the customers will be able to get answers to any queries on the dish straight from the horse’s mouth. It’ll also give them a chance to interact with and better appreciate the faces behind their food.

“I hate it when I go to a restaurant and someone takes my order and they don’t know the menu,” Lee said. “I wanted to have a situation where the only guy you’re talking to is someone in the kitchen cooking.”

Dining In The Kitchen

One may think that having the chefs do the serving themselves would take up valuable time, making meals much longer. However, the expected layout of the restaurant solves this problem. There’ll be twenty booth seats at the actual kitchen counter where the chefs are preparing the food. There’ll also be a communal table in the kitchen area where chefs can quickly place meals in front of customers.


“The surface you eat on is the same surface the chefs will chop and prepare your food on,” said Lee to the LA Times “And anyone who sits in the kitchen won’t have any servers. The cooks and the chefs will be the servers.”

It’s sort of reminiscent of days spend in large family kitchens cum dining rooms, right? Of course, the fare at this restaurant will be more akin to fine dining fare.
Reservations for the restaurant begin on the 23rd of November.