Chef’s Table – How to Watch for Free on Phone

Netflix brought all the world’s most talented chefs together in a Netflix series that is a must-see. 

However, not all of us might have the availability to watch these shows on TV, which is why it is important to know how we can access them on our mobile phones.

Let’s find out more about Chef’s Table and how we can watch it for free on our mobile phones!

Chef's Table - How to Watch for Free on Phone

About the Show

Chef’s Table was the first cooking documentary series streamed on Netflix, and it was highly appreciated for a long time. The series has brought together some of the best chefs from the entire world. 

Each one has quite the life story, going through unbelievable journeys in order to discover their true self and their unique culinary abilities. The series has received eight Emmy nominations, and there are six seasons available on Netflix. 

Practice makes perfect, and this is just how these chefs have turned out to be the specialists they are today. They failed many times and practiced day in day out to reach their current level of perfection.  

This was the purpose of Chef’s Table from the beginning, to unravel the passions and lives of the best cooks in the world. The TV series shows amazing perspectives on cooking straight from the people who know best.

The creator of the series, David Gelb, started this show mainly as a follow-up to another food documentary, a film called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The Lazarus Effect was directed by Gelb, as well, and he was the co-founder of Supper Club, a production company.

Unlike other similar shows, this one has left comedy aside and focused only on cooking. It allows people to look at amazing stories of aspiration and all the sacrifices and hard work that have brought these chefs their success. 

Chef’s Table has each episode presented by another chef, and each episode tells a unique story. So far, they’ve managed to gather chefs from Slovenia, Australia, Thailand, the USA, Mexico, and more.


The series can be watched only on Netflix, which has elevated its prices constantly for each of the three plans it has. The $8.99/month plan grants access to the full library, with the streaming quality set to SD for only one screen. 

The $12.99/month plan has HD streaming quality for two screens. Finally, the most expensive plan costs $15.99/month and can be shared on four screens. It also offers Ultra HD(4K) video quality. 

Netflix is an ad-free streaming service, and even the previews on content can be disabled now. If you want to watch Chef’s Table for free on your phone, all you need to do is take advantage of Netflix’s one-month free trial. 

How To Watch

The series is a Netflix exclusive, but even so, it is accessible almost anywhere. Added to the original website, Netflix now has iOS and Android apps. 

You can also use media streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick, and you can even use gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Desktop apps were not forgotten, either, as Windows 10 users can download the app on their Microsoft Store.

Netflix uses white text and a dark background as its web interface, which makes it look classy but easy to navigate. It has large sections on the top: My List, Recently added, TV Shows, Movies, and Home. It has a search bar in the upper right corner, as well as a help center, account settings, and how to manage your profile. 

The account settings have more options than other streaming services offer, such as playback settings, closed captions, parental control, and email communication options. Another two options they have are streaming activity and recent viewing.

The iPhone app for Netflix is almost identical to the Android app, with some minor unnoticeable navigation changes. Netflix has added the classic on-demand video streaming service feature for offline viewing. 

You can download selected titles that will show in your Downloads tab, but they didn’t add a search function to it.

Chef's Table - How to Watch for Free on Phone


Chef’s Table is an amazing, one-of-a-kind TV series. Unlike other similar series, Netflix has gone beyond just cooking with this show. 

It shares amazing success stories of how much hard work can pay off. It shows that natural talents don’t come without hard work, and pursuing a talent can take you to places you have only dreamed of.