Chef Vikas Khanna’s Next Book Will Be About This Food Staple

A master of his many crafts, chef and restaurateur Vikas Khanna is also a best-selling author. Having written almost two-dozen books, the Michelin starred chef is now all set to start working on his next literary work.

During a recent masterclass and launch of Quaker Whole Oats, Khanna spoke about the importance of grains and that it will be one of the main topics of his next book. The book will also shine the spotlight on India’s northeast region, which he feels still holds its rich culture intact through food.

“My next thing (book) is only about grains and about the northeast. They are a culture which inspite of being modernized still holds on to the value of their grains and how they do farming. I was obsessed with their fish paddy farming,” Khanna, also PepsiCo India’s nutrition ambassador, told IANS on the sidelines of the event.

The masterclass saw Khanna whip some exciting dishes using Quaker Whole Oats, which is a new variant made from “uncut A grade oats” that are larger in size and have a richer texture, giving an enhanced mouthfeel, Khanna tweeted. He highlighted the nutritious breakfast aspect of the new product and whipped up Curd Oats with Parmesan crisp. The dish was a blend of dried herbs, spices, cherries, plums, and baby vegetables like broccoli, beans, beetroots, carrots, cauliflower, and corn that put an interesting twist to yogurt. Also on the menu was Thandai Oats, which came fortified with overnight soaked whole oats, and spinach puree topped with candied nuts.

Speaking of grains and nutrition, the chef also emphasized the importance of breakfast, adding that people were becoming increasingly aware of the cons of skipping breakfast. “I think because of the Internet and because of media, there is whole lot of awareness… The industry is changing because of the requirement of people,” he said. “Breakfast is essential and everybody needs to understand that if the stomach is empty, the brain starts becoming extremely aggressive,” he said.

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