Chef Vicky Ratnani Has Create A Special Menu For Inox’s Insagnia Experience

Going to a movie is no longer only about the movie itself. It’s about the entire experience working together to enhance your movie viewing. So, premium cinema halls offer their customers a plush ambience, a range of food options and other facilities. 

Chef Vicky Ratnani Has Create A Special Menu For Inox’s Insagnia Experience

The Inbox Laserplex at Nariman Point has taken things a step further with their Insignia experience. The experience now includes a menu curated by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani. 

Quirky Yet Comforting Global Dishes 

Speaking on the launch of his specially curated menu, Chef Vicky Ratnani said, “It’s one of my first experiences to be associated with a 7-star luxury multiplex where curating a menu was a fun task! I had to bring in the ’new to the old’ by using local products and create some really quirky yet comforting global flavoured dishes. I hope this curated food menu makes the experience of watching the movie more fun and memorable.”

Chef Vicky Ratnani Has Create A Special Menu For Inox’s Insagnia Experience

His menu includes global dishes and local ingredients like flavoured makhanas, la rondella di pastas, quinoa tossed with exotic vegetables and habanero tobasco popcorn. 

On Call Butler and In App Ordering 

Inox has also taken several other steps to enhance the food experience for its customers. These include self ordering food kiosks, with touchscreens that customers can use to place their orders and have their food delivered to their seats as well as a butler on call, where the touch of a button will allow customers to ask an attendant to bring them refreshments and even blankets. 

The cinema has also launched an app – the Inox Mobile App – whcih allows customers to solve food orders through their phone, pay by card and have their fare delivered to their seats.

Commenting on the new experiences, R. Siddharth Jain, Director, INOX Group of Companies said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we are India’s first multiplex chain to partner with a celebrity chef, Vicky Ratnani, to bring for our guests, a finely curated gourmet menu, freshly prepared. We hope to introduce this concept across all our Insignia properties pan India over the next 6 months. In addition, being the first to adopt new technologies, we are proud to announce India’s first food and beverage ordering touch screen kiosk as well as the ability to order food on your seat directly from the INOX App.”