Chef Varun Inamdar All Set To Make World’s Largest Chocolate Mud Pie

A chocolate mud pie weighing one tonne and of the diameter of six feet is what internationally acclaimed Chef Varun Inamdar is attempting right now in Goa. Inamdar is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chocolate Mud Pie and chefs from the state are lending their helping hand so that he can carry out this extraordinary feat.

Making The Largest Chocolate Mud Pie

Chef Varun Inamdar All Set To Make World’s Largest Chocolate Mud Pie

We asked the Chef Inamdar about what it would take to make the largest mud pie in the world and he said, “A specially fabricated vessel and oven is designed by me along with experts in the field from Udwada after several rounds of trials and errors over the last 18 months. Finally an apparatus which is 8 feet diameters along with an oven 12 feet long is being coiled to bake history – World’s Largest Chocolate Mud Pie.” Explaining the process he also told us about the possible difficulties that might pose a problem while making the pie. “To begin with, a short crust tart is created from a mixture of eggs, flour, sugar, butter and biscuits. Getting the thickness right and even is a daunting task. Baking releases steam that could puff the tart base. Hence another internal mould is designed to create weight for blind baking. Immediate cooling can only be done using dry ice, otherwise the residual heat could make it darker. Demoulding could be a nightmare. Even thinking about it gives me butterflies in my stomach. Let’s see what unfolds in real.”

Breaking The Record

Chef Varun Inamdar All Set To Make World’s Largest Chocolate Mud Pie

Chef Inamdar said that the mud pie would take about eight hours to get ready and to win the record, the taste and flavour of the mud pie needs to be of International Standards. Currently Chef Prasad Paul, Chef Ranjeet Pandey, Chef Sunit Sharma, Chef Saurabh Puri, Chef K S Mahesh, Chef Farooq Baig and Chef Kapil Muchandi who are the culinary experts from Goa, are helping Inamdar out with the record.

We also asked Inamdar on why he chose mud pie and no other dessert and he said, “Chocolate is my passion. Some years back, I had created India’s first 6 feet tall, life-size edible chocolate mannequin and chocolate Ganesha statue on television. I purely wanted to take it to another level in terms of look, grandeur, size, magnanimity and taste. Chocolate Mud Pie fit the criteria perfectly.”

We’re yet to see if Chef Inamdar’s pie would pass the Guinness World Record’s examination. The pie after cooked and examined, will be donated to various charities around Goa through the Food Bank for the Poor called Sangolda.

Image Source – Rushina M. Ghildiyal