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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Wonderchef Launches Nutri-Blend In Mumbai


Though its not uncommon for Mumbai-kars to binge on vada pavs or buttery sandwiches, however their is a high-awareness of healthy diets and Mumbai-kars are trying various methods to stay fit. But not every one can afford expensive gym membership and diet consultations, right? So how do we solve this problem?

Enter Nutri-Blend

Wonderchef has launched and amazing product which is sure to keep your diet on track. Nutri-blend is an all-purpose blender and grinder that makes sure you are able to extract every single drop of nutrition. Say hello to health as this amazing appliance converts your food in the most digestible form and you can take in all the immunity-enhancing anti-oxidants, pain relieving omega 3, proteins, vitamins & minerals.

Tell Me More

Nutri-blend comes with the Wonderchef promise of quality products. To give a kick-start to your health, Nutriblend comes with a complementary health guide which is curated by the renowned nutritionist, Swati Thoda. This guide includes versatile recipes enriched with health that you can start trying right away with Njutri blend. The guide includes a health chart too that allows you to be in a healthier form.

Absolutely amazing for the health of you and your family, Wonderchef’s Nutriblend can be pjurchased here: You can also buy it from the leading retails stores and e-commerce websites.