Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Wants Us To Eat More Kiwis This Season

Fresh and juicy fruits are essential to a hot summer or a humid monsoon. And this season, it’s the Chilean Kiwi that’s going to be all the rage in most Indian households. According to a report, the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) is partnering up with the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee to promote the benefits of Kiwifruit in different ways. These promotional campaigns would pave the way for the Chilean fruit to enter the Indian market, where it is aiming for a large foothold.


Kiwi Khazana

In order to further promote the fruit, which is not a native produce of the Indian subcontinent, the association has brought on board popular Indian chef and restaurateur Sanjeev Kapoor, who highlighted the benefits of kiwis at a recent press conference.

“You don’t need a chef to provide you a kiwifruit or any other fruit. You don’t need any recipe for that. You can have it (kiwifruit) like that only,” said Kapoor.

The Khana Khazana chef further added that had kiwis, which are rich in essential nutrients like fiber and Vitamin C, “been available to India earlier, Chyawanprash would’ve been made out of this”.

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Speaking from a business point of view, Carolina Vasquez, Commercial Director of ProChile in India, explained: “the Indian market holds great importance for Chilean kiwifruit due to the rising demand in the country.” She also stated that the Chilean variety would enter the Indian market at a relatively lower rate as compared to competing sellers.

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