Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Judged The Great Dawoodi Bohra Cook Off In Mumbai

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Judged The Great Dawoodi Bohra Cook Off In Mumbai

Six bloggers went head to head for a cook-off held in Mumbai on 10th May. The theme was Dawoodi Bohra cuisine and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor was a part of the judging panel. The contestants were asked to make the traditional dishes – Malido, Kheema Samosa, Roti-Dabba Gosht, Dal Chawal-Palidu and Masala na Bateta.

The Great Dawoodi Bohra Cook Off

Organised by the Dawoodi Bohra Women For Religious Freedom (DBWFR), the event began with a lot of enthusiasm. “I’m really very excited (for the cook off)”, said Chef Sanjeev Kapoor while talking to Hungry Forever. “It’s not just about the cook off but also about the togetherness that comes with eating in a thaal. I also want to see how the bloggers react to a cuisine which is very benevolent. There are dishes which are in different zones like khatta, meetha, teekha, namkeen (sour, sweet, spicy, salty) and crispy all in one plate. I’m excited to see the thaal come together with the different textures and flavours.”

As the clock ticked away, the bloggers set to work for a stipulated one hour and no more. They made the traditional dishes that were tasted by Chef Kapoor and Ms. Maria Hussain, Ms. Nafisa Kagalwala, and Ms. Tasneem Massawi of DBWRF. Swarali Kulkarni of the blog ‘Mumbai Food Junkie’ was declared the winner for making the traditional Malido.

“We are thrilled that this cook-off was a grand success! The ‘Thaal’ is the nucleus of our community, and therefore, we were delighted that people were celebrating the culinary essence of this event together,” said Maria Hussain, a trustee of DBWRF at the cook off. Chef Kapoor too lauded the event by saying, “I was elated to have attended this celebration that was the perfect combination of culture and food. It was great to see these fervent foodies come together to prepare relish-worthy recipes that brought out an integral facet of the community.”


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