Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay – TV host, Author &Tea Sommelier

Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay has always harbored a passion for great food. Her professional journey as a chef began in 2013, however, her love for culinary arts came to the fore during her growing years. Her developing passion for food heightened while she was pursuing a culinary diploma from ICIF in Italy.

Sahay’s first stint in the industry was at Grand Hyatt as a trainee, an experience she defines as satisfying, educative but rigorous and challenging. From then on, she aspired to grow and her love for this art only catalyzed this growth process. She lived in Muscat for a brief period during which she worked as a food columnist for the Times of Oman while also being featured on their YouTube Channel.

Chef Pallavi held cookery classes for the Indian residents in Oman and soon found fame there owing to her exceptional culinary skills. Pallavi also served as a consultant chef with a leading restaurant chain in Muscat where her expertise contributed to the high standard and quality of every dish.

Career Highlights:

➢ Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay has a book to her credit – The Bhojpuri Kitchen which celebrates the region’s age-old favorite recipes

➢ Sahay worked on the TV show Amma superstar featured on Channel Living Foodz – a show that had people from different walks of life bring their mothers for a rendezvous with Chef Pallavi while preparing food that exuded a mother’s love and warmth

➢ Chef Pallavi has featured in recipe vignettes for renowned food brands like California Walnuts and Fortune

➢ She also featured on web shows like Working women’s kitchen on Sanjeev Kapoor’s Youtube Channel and Kissan Tiffin Time Table on India Food Network’s Youtube Channel.

As a young bride married into a family in Bihar, Pallavi Nigam Sahay was enthralled by the vast repertoire of Bhojpuri kitchens. Her desire to bring the cuisine into every home drove her to write a book “The Bhojpur Kitchen” and pay a tribute to the region’s traditional recipes — the legendary Litti Chokha; Choora Mattar; Bihari Halwai-style Mutton; Machli Ka Sarsonwala Jhor; savoury Bhujias; Parwal Ki Mithai, and other mouthwatering sweets.

Currently she is working on two other culinary books that will be published in the upcoming year alongside some more culinary TV shows. Chef Pallavi Nigam Sahay is zealous about traveling and whilst doing so, she picks or formulates recipes that are a pure blend of the flavors of the place. The free-spirited, passionate chef brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry with a deep-rooted flair for Italian and Indian cuisine. She believes in retaining the soul of authentic dishes and collects her luscious recipes from every place, every kitchen she visits. That’s the secret to her wholesome, soulful cooking.

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