Chef Michael Swamy Talks About Culinary Tourism

Having been exposed to the myriad arts of cooking, photography and writing from an exceptionally youthful age, Michael Swamy goes past being only a chef.

 An alum of the prestigious Cordon Bleu Culinary School, London, Michael has done his specialization in Bakery and Patisserie. He has worked under several Chefs in the UK who watched his work intently and urged him to enter the universe of Food Media.

“Culinary tourism is a big deal but unfortunately still not taken as seriously as it should. We eat when we travel and every journey is made richer by partaking of the local cuisines. It’s fascinating to see how flavours, textures and ingredients change with changing landscapes. When I say it’s not taken as seriously as it should I mean that it is only limited to food journalists writing about it or regional authors penning books – and they all are doing a fabulous job! But we also need to make our future chefs and students realise the beauty of our own cuisine and culture and inculcate pride in it so that we are also ambassadors of our own cuisines to other nations,” he said in an interview with The Financial Express.

Chef Swamy has also played a key role in the recently opened Virat Kohli owned restaurant, Nueva, in New Delhi.

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