Chef Gary Mehigan Crafts 7 Course Menu Inspired By 7 Wonders

The CEO series is a set of exceptional social dinners exclusively for top executives of multi-billion dollar organizations to enable social interactions outside of boardrooms, setting in motion the platform for powerful alliances, deals and great innovations for the years to come. The ‘CEO Series’ has been conceptualised by a prominent New York based luxury brand consultancy firm, Evolve and the very first edition of CEO Series was presented by American Express in association with BMW, Etihad Airways and Pernod Ricard.

Chef Gary Mehigan, of the MasterChef Australia fame, crafted an exclusive menu inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World for The CEO Series Indian Edition 2016, a high profile lifestyle event that took place at the Hyatt Regency Delhi on Sunday, 18th September. 


When such powerful top execuitves come together to dine, the gastronomic spread can be nothing short of extravagant excellence. The lavish menu was inspired by the seven wonders of the world right from rich soft textured salmon with flavours of ceviche from Peru, butter roasted cauliflower caramalised with spices from India, Brazilian Moqueca’ crustacean veloute, white chicken cooked in authentic Chinese sauces to Italian Concod’Oro’ Lemon curd and olive oil semi freddo, slow cooked lamb inspired from Middle Eastern flavours and refreshing compressed watermelon from Jordon.

This culinary masterpiece, inspired by the Seven Wonders of the World, was crafted by Chef Gary Mehigan with the careful orchestration of fine, exotic ingredients like fresh daikon, hibiscus jelly, fennel pollen, and salted fish roe called bottarga signed off by his expert masterstroke. 


Praise For Chef Gary Mehigan

According to Mr. Manoj Adlakha, Vice President & General Manager – Consumer & Merchant Services and CEO, American Express Banking Corp., India, “This exceptional gastronomic adventure has been specially designed, where for once they (the executives) will not only munch on delicacies designed by Chef Gary Mehigan, but also experience ‘food for thought’ moments with fellow leaders. We look forward to living this experience!” 

Sumeet Lamba, Executive Director – Business Development, Pernod Ricard India, said, “The exclusive seven-course menu curated by the Chef Gary Mehigan on the theme of 7 wonders of the world paired with our International brands like Jacob’s Creek from Australia, The Glenlivet  from Scotland, Absolut from Sweden and Martell from France promises to be an unforgettable gastronomic voyage for the top of the ladder executives invited for this event”. 

Aseem Kapoor, GM, Hyatt Regency Delhi said, “We are delighted to have Chef Mehigan here who has conceptualised such an innovative and scrumptious menu for our esteemed guests. Such events enable social interactions outside of boardrooms and following our tradition we are dedicated to serving our guests at its best.”