Chef Anthony Bourdain Reveals Unexpected Foodie Cities

Travelling around the world for a living, eating in parts unknown, and having no reservations when experiencing different cultures, sounds like the perfect life, doesn’t it? Chef Anthony Bourdain does exactly that!


In an interview, Bourdain was asked what he thought were the most ‘unexpected foodie cities’ in the US, and this is what he had to say, ” Nashville, Asheville, Charleston, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, CA, undoubtedly.”

It is rare to see Los Angeles in a list of underrated things, but Bourdain swore that aside from the melting pot of ethnic food the city is accustomed to, the quality of restaurants has stepped up over the last decade.

While the chef also mentioned Nashville as one of the food havens, he also said that eating the extra hot chicken in Nashville was one of the most terrifying things he’s ever experienced.

Folks, there are new foodie-destinations in the US. And coming straight from the opinion of one of the most well-traveled food authorities, we gotta believe it!