Chef Alan Ducaisse Announces New Restaurant ‘Spoon’ In Paris

Of the many things that France prides itself with, fine food and wine. And the food scape of Paris just got starrier and swankier with an all-new restaurant opening up in the city soon. The eatery is owned by popular chef Alain Ducasse, whose folio shines bright with 18 Michelin stars for 20-plus restaurants around the world.

Christened ‘Spoon’, the restaurant will open its doors to customers by the end of September. Spoon is based somewhat on the blueprint of Ducasse’s previous fusion restaurant concept called Spoon Food & Wine, which was launched back in 1998 and featured a variety of flavours from across the globe.

One of the main attractions of Spoon Food &Wines was the fact that diners had the freedom to pick out their main course by mixing and matching their sauces in the form of deconstructed gastronomy. While the concept has since been revived around the world in Hong Kong, Mauritius, New York and Tokyo, the chef will revisit it himself almost twenty years on at Spoon.

Chef Alan Ducaisse Announces New Restaurant ‘Spoon’ In ParisImage: Elior Group 

Much like it’s inspiration, Spoon will also serve up a global fare, which draws inspiration from Ducasse’s expeditions across the world to explore new flavours and cooking techniques. The same has been captured on film by filmmaker Gilles de Maistre, who closely followed the chef’s voyages for a documentary that will make its debut in French cinemas this October.

Meanwhile, Paris folk can treat their palate to an exquisite meal by Ducasse at Spoon, which will be propped at Palais Brongniart in the second arrondissement.


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