This Cheetos Museum Should Be On Your Bucket List This Summer! #POLL

Here’s yet another mind blowing museum to honour one of our all time favourite snack – Cheetos. That’s right, there exists a fiery orange walled Cheetos Museum (the world’s very first, by the way) in New York City that pays homage to Chester Cheetah and the crisp and crunch that he has stood for all these years. More specifically, the place is an ode to the various shapes of Cheetos, which we from experience know that can fetch a fair amount of spotlight and money.

Nestled inside the famous Ripley’s Believe it Or Not in NYC, the Cheetos Museum has on display a number of Cheetos-themed exhibits and Cheetos shaped in peculiar museum-worthy shapes. Food & Wine reports that the Cheetos Museum doesn’t only contain the crunchy, cheesy snacks – part of it is actually covered in different Cheetos variants. Yep, a hall is covered in 128,900 individual Cheetos (you’re welcome Cheetos geeks) that provides the perfect backdrop to your Instagram pictures and also the exhibits present there.

This Cheetos Museum Should Be On Your Bucket List This Summer! #POLLImage: Food & Wine Magazine

Cheetos’ director of communications, Kimberly Scott, actually gave all credits for the inception of this museum to fans, after the Cheetos HQ was flooded with a number of pictures that featured a number of uniquely shaped Cheetos. Therefore, you will see a huge lot of Cheetos on display that are shaped as obscure everyday people and objects. And the resemblance at times is uncanny, like this “Girl on Rollerblades”.

But then there are some that are not really what they are supposed to look like. Like these pair of “Bellbottom Pants”. More like a twig, which is what most Cheetos look like!

But that said, the museum is nothing short of mind-blowing. What do you think? Will you be visiting this man-made Cheetos shrine? Vote and let us know what you think!

Feature Image: The Daily Meal