What Cheesy Treats Are McDonald’s Across Wisconsin Now Serving?

Cheese lovers in America; listen up! According to several reports, McDonald’s outlets in Wisconsin are now serving deep fried cheese curds. While they were initially tested in Milwaukee, they’re now available across the state.

Wisconsin’s Affair With Cheese

Wisconsin has long been known for its love for cheese. It traces this love affair back to the 19th century when it began to host countless dairy farms which produced cheese with excess milk.

Since then, it has become the largest cheese producing state in the US and makes over 700 different variants of cheese. Cheese curds, which are made by curdling milk and reserving the solid parts, are an especially popular type of cheese in Wisconsin.


McDonald’s Gets Cheesy

As a tribute to the State’s love for cheese curds and as a part of their local foods promotions, McDonald’s created the Deep Fried Cheese curds which are breaded cheese curds which are then fried.


These curds are available for $2.99 for a limited time and have been met with fairly positive reviews.