The Cheesiest Food Hybrid In Town, Spaghetti Grilled Cheese: Yay Or Nay? #POLL

Food hybrids or food mashups, as they are also called, have slowly taken over restaurants bakeries and fast food joints. Right from the cronut and cupcaron to some outrageous mixes like the pizzabon, the list goes on. Adding to that hefty food hybrid catalogue is a new and cheesy innovation – the spaghetti grilled cheese.

Frankly, I thing people are just outing their favorite munchies. Just put together whatever you find. Because, munchies. Although, the spaghetti grilled cheese doesn’t sound too bad (considering we have dealt with the likes of the sushi burrito (*gags*)!

Created by Paul Cao of Burnt Crumbs in Huntington, CA, the spaghetti grilled cheese consists of mozzarella, spaghetti and bread, apart from a truckload of carbs. “They mix homemade spaghetti from scratch with sauce and mozzarella cheese, and then they cool the concoction on sheet trays so it becomes flat and level; almost like a patty. They cut the sheet into squares, wrap the spaghetti with more mozzarella and press it onto sourdough bread dripping with garlic butter. The result is more like a sandwich version of the classic garlic bread with spaghetti dish”, The Daily Meal reports.

spaghetti-grilled-cheeseImage: uproxx

Sounds like a treat if you’re in something cheesy and hangover-friendly. What say, foodies? Do you think you’d indulge in some spaghetti grilled cheese? Vote and tell!

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Feature Image: isitasandwich