Check Out Wedding Cakes Over The Decades

Wedding cakes are to weddings what bride is to the groom. Essential. Did you know that wedding cakes date back to early Roman civilizations? And as with every thing, tradition and custom that has been carried on over the years, the wedding cake too has witnessed its share of changes.

With ‘vintage’ in Vogue and totally trending, it makes sense to dig deep into old wedding polaroids and fish for some inspiration. The kind folks over at Mode have done all the digging for brides and grooms-to-be.

Right from a classic white fondant cake from the 1920s to a quirky and vibrant one from 2016, this video features them all! Have a look at all the wedding cakes from the past 100 years compiled into a frosting and fondant filled 164 seconds.


Feature Image: lovelifeeatcake