Check Out This Awesome Food Festival If You Can’t Get Enough Of Chinese Food
November 14, 2017
Rima Tandon (234 articles)

Check Out This Awesome Food Festival If You Can’t Get Enough Of Chinese Food

Based on colour, taste, and aroma, Chinese cuisine is known for its wide range of flavours and styles. The cuisine has hot, spicy notes that will set tongues tingling alongside lightly seasoned dishes that are friendly to even the most delicate taste buds.



If you are tired of your usual Chinese takeout, which is not really the best way to enjoy Chinese food, you can have delicious and authentic Chinese food right here. Join us at The Metroplace Hotel to enjoy the flavours from the Far East. The Chinese cuisine that originates from various regions of China, they rely on the basic methods of preservation of raw materials like drying, salting, pickling and fermentation.


From 15 November to 17 November, this food festival has all your favourite Chinese dishes like Sweet and Sour Pork, Gong Bao Chicken, Dumplings etc.

Make sure that you reserve your tables and get your hands on this delicious food! For booking call 8754423140/04466798856.






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Rima Tandon

Rima Tandon

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