Check Out This Hilarious Teaser For Starbucks’ Latest Video Series

A few days ago, we told you about how Starbucks plans to enhance its customers’ coffee experience even more in the coming months. Now, we’re back with some more fun Starbucks news; the global coffee chain has created a videos series about Starbucks culture in cartoon form.

The Starbucks Vibe

The video series, named ‘1st & Main’s’ will explore the Starbucks’ culture including the stores, the Starbucks partners and the customers who are there for their daily coffee fix.


We expect the videos to be hilariously fun; Starbucks has collaborated with three writers from ‘The Simpsons’; John Frink, Joel Cohen and Rob LaZebnik. Incidentally, all three writers have spent time working at Starbucks stores themselves.

The show is presented in cartoon format, with the main characters being animal representations of employees and customers. Some characters are Diago a cat, Iggy an octopus and a host of ‘regular; customers like dogs, bears, giraffes and rabbits. Check out a trailer for the show:

The first video will be launched on the Starbucks website on Friday and will also be available on the Starbucks mobile app, Facebook, Instagram on YouTube. There will be a new video every week for eight weeks and the videos will be just a couple of minutes long.

This is the second video series launch; earlier it had launched ‘Upstanders’ which focused on highlighting individuals “whose actions are emblematic of the American spirit.”