Check Out ‘My First Kitchen’, Chef Vikas Khanna’s Guide To Cooking For Beginners

Don’t we all want to possess MasterChef level cooking skills? But alas, not everyone is born a Kunal Kapur or Nobu Matsuhisa and has the talent to whip up a culinary storm, let alone be compared to MasterChefs. That said, even the master chefs started somewhere, right? So if you too want to ace the art of cooking, you’ll have to start from scratch (if you’re a novice). And to walk you through the process, celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna has rolled out a beginners’ cooking guide – My First Kitchen – that’ll teach you more than just how to prepare food.

“Today, in a world where self-sufficiency, independence and the need to carve out our own space have shaped our new global lives, I always ask this question: Can we still prepare memorable meals in our kitchen? Can it become our oasis, a place where we relax and create magic? Where we love and welcome others?” muses Khanna in his book.

For those who have followed the chef’s journey will know that he shares an emotional connect with food.

In addition to over a hundred recipes, Khanna’s guide takes you throw the various nitty gritties of using various cooking gadgets and utensils while maintaining a flawless kitchen as well.

Check Out 'My First Kitchen', Chef Vikas Khanna's Guide To Cooking For Beginners


My First Kitchen will also provide step-by-step directions for storing and cooking ingredients and planning menus for those aiming to hone the gastronomical skills like a pro as well as people who simply want to pride themselves in a professional kitchen, even if not cook an amuse bouche.

“The most important aspect of any kitchen is setting it up right, based on your convenience, need and, most importantly, your passion,” says the chef and restaurateur.

The book has been published by Penguin Random House was released earlier this month and is available for purchase online and in bookstores.