Check Out This Doughnut Inception Creation That’s Lighting Up Instagram

In a time when Instagram likes makes someone or something famous, it’s no surprise that bakeries and chefs are making things and creating dishes that are specifically for those delicious Instagram likes and shares. FOMO (feeling of missing out) as the kids call it these days is what everyone is feeling all the time and in order to keep that going, Doughnut Plant has introduced “The Ripple”.

Famous for their delicious doughnut concoctions, this bakery has now added another item to their menu to blow the minds of doughnut fans and Instagram addicts. The three layer mega-doughnut is so large that it can serve almost six to eight people. And of course it was introduced just in time for Thanksgiving, with a holiday themed flavour as well – it features cranberry, sweet potato and crystallised ginger. The large doughnut is meant to be eaten like a cake where you get all three rings with each slice.

Three flavours and three varieties. The other two are called Berry Parfait Ripple (blueberry, yogurt-granola, raspberry) and Mochaccino (mocha, coffee, milk with a cinnamon sprinkle).

Each Ripple costs $24 and is only available at the Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea bakery. So if you’re in the area or you want to make a trip out there, it might just be Instagram-worthy!