Check Out These 12 Restaurants in Chennai Where You Can Bite Into A Juicy Steak

Steaks are a delicious main course that everyone must try once in their lives. Sure, mostly steaks are non-vegetarian and made out of beef tenderloin that is grilled according to your preference, cooked in a sauce of your choice and served on a bed of vegetables and mash potatoes. It’s a complete meal right there. But given the number of growing vegetarians in the country and the world, there have obviously been some alterations made to the steak method and dishes are not being made using Cottage Cheese and other cheese items, to bring to everyone a large option of steaks to choose from.

In India, Tamil Nadu is among the top states in the country to have a large percentage of non-vegetarians. So for all you non-vegetarians looking for a great steak, we’ve got a solid list. Take note, make reservations and get yourself out there!

PS. Steaks are made in different ways – Well done, medium, medium rare and rare. Ask questions and choose carefully, don’t make the decision right off the bat.

Brick House Bistro

Whether you’re looking for vegetarian or non-vegetarian options, this restaurant has it for you. Known for their burgers, Brick House Bistro also has other delicious dishes on their menu. As for steaks, you get to choose between Chicken, Beef and Skewered Paneer. See, something for everyone.
Locations: Anna Nagar East & Besant Nagar

Basil With A Twist

When visiting this European restaurant, you can be guaranteed a delicious treat of food. But try their steaks and you will never care for anything else in the world. Your choices are a Juicy Tenderloin Steak or a Hunter’s Steak, both beef, both delicious and both probably really good with their blue cheese sauce.
Location: T. Nagar

Jonah’s Bistro

Another great continental restaurant in the city, Jonah’s has branched out into so much more with various different styles to choose from. But most importantly, their Beef Tenderloin Steak is one you cannot walk away from.
Location: Besant Nagar

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Crisp Cafe

Located above Cake Walk in Nungambakkam, Crisp Cafe is a great hangout place to spend time with your friends. They’ve got all kinds of delicious concoctions, but what you need to try is either the BBQ Beef Steak or the Grilled Tournedos (no, we didn’t spell that wrong), and finish it off with a Cake Shake!
Location: Nungambakkam

Kobe Sizzlers

The name is famous for providing food lovers all over the country with delicious sizzlers, but have you tried their steaks? You might even know that they have steaks specifically, that are absolutely delicious and will blow your mind. Like the Steak Kobe Style for example, get it. Seriously.
Locations: Roypettah, Velachery & Vadapalani

Cleo’s Grill & Cafe

When the place has ‘grill’ in the name, you can be sure that they have great steaks. And Cleo’s has a lot of great steaks to choose from in vegetarian (think Paneer),Chicken and especially beef. Get it all one time, maybe.

Location: Adyar

Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory

If you’ve never eaten steak and eggs for breakfast before, you’re seriously missing out on something. But you can get it at Sandy’s! And if eggs are not your think, just settle for the regular Tenderloin Steak and all your problems will go away.
Locations: Nungambakkam & Teynampet

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Another European restaurant that has captivated audiences all over the city, it’s not surprise why! They’ve got a lot of great continental food to choose from, but you have got to give their steaks a try. Melt in your mouth good, we kid you not.
Location: R. A. Puram


Tovo is known for their infusions and their concept of mixing food up and giving it all a personal touch, but if that is not what you’re looking for, then be a little more adventurous with their Sea Steak which is a Kingfish Steak and different from anything you’ve ever tried before.
Locations: Mylapore, Anna Nagar East & Beasant Nagar

Kipling Cafe

Trust us, it’s totally worth the drive out to ECR to enjoy the cool breeze in your hair while you chow down on delicious and juicy steaks. And they’ve even got an interesting one called the Japanese Beef Steak. What are you waiting for? Go now!
Location: East Coast Road

Sera – The Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Once known at Zara, this tapas bar has pretty much all kinds of food, all cuisines and everything you could possibly want. But you should try is either the Minced Chicken or Tenderloin Steak and for the adventurous few, give the Fish Steak a shot.
Location: Gopalapuram


And last on our list is this Besant Nagar joint that has an extensive menu to choose from and of course, a menu that will totally blow your mind. And let’s not forget, steaks that will save the world too. Pick from the Cottage Cheese Steak, or a Steak Sizzler or even a Southern Spice Steak!
Location: Besant Nagar

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