Charity Aid In UK Makes The World’s Largest Samosa

Twelve volunteers from  Muslim Aid UK charity undertook the massive task of making the world’s largest samosa and accomplished it on Tuesday. A samosa that weighed 153.1 kilograms was fried in a custom-built vat in London Mosque and of course, adjudicators from Guinness World Records were present to oversee the process.

This massive samosa has beaten the one that weighed 110.8 kilograms and was made by by Bradford College in northern England back in 2012. The current world record holder wasn’t a small feat either. “Initially I thought it would be a piece of cake: stuff it together, tie up the end and fry it,” organiser Islam told arynews. “When I realised there was not a single pot in the country that could hold that weight, we had to get something tailor made.”

The ground rules were set by the Guinness World Record adjudicator Pravin Patel. “It’s got to be triangular; contain flour, potatoes, onions and peas; be fried, and retain the shape when cooked,” he told a French wire service. “It’s got to look and feel like a samosa; it’s got to be edible by humans. The critical record is the net weight. Plus it all has to be eaten. No wastage!”

The samosa was compiled together on a massive wire mesh before being hauled by strong men into the industrial winch to be fried. After Patel tasted it, he gave it a thumbs up and the weight came up to 153.1 kilograms. “It’s an absolutely great achievement,” he declared.

Image Source: NDTV