Channing Tatum Turns Vodka Baron With ‘Born & Bred’

If you didn’t get woozy enough after looking at Hollywood’s light-eyed razor sharp jawed specimen of fine male genes Channing Tatum, the actor is set to give you yet another reason to go weak in the knees. This time, literally. The Magic Mike actor told Bon Appetit that after touring 25 vodka producers, he and a friend decided to team up with Grand Teton Distillery to make a new brand of American potato vodka called Born & Bred.

Talking about his new craft spirit, Tatum describes it as a rather roguish character. Yes, his spirit has a character. Here’s what he said:

A lot of vodka brands had this vibe of backroom boys wearing tuxedos, playing poker. I probably wear a tuxedo more than most 36-year-olds, but that’s not my life. I can do that, but I wanted something that could live in both worlds. Refined and quality enough to wear a tuxedo with, but that’s not where its roots lie. So the vodka would wear whatever opposite of everyone else. So if it’s a backyard party, he probably shows up in a tux. If it’s a tux thing, he probably shows up in cutoff jeans shorts and a tank top, with some cowboy boots. He’s just wildin’. He wants to just mess it all up.

Channing Tatum Turns Vodka Baron With 'Born & Bred'Image: Nick Agin

 Although, that said the actor added that he is a connoisseur of the finer tings at the bar as well. “I’m not here trying to be a purist telling people that they want to taste vodka. I really do like the taste, but I also get it.“ Tatum says he chose the jackalope as the brand’s mascot because he’s “obsessed with trickster archetypes.”


Also, did you realize that the man just explained his vodka better than we could ever explain our own self?!