Chance The Rapper To Play Supernatural Pizza Delivery Guy In Upcoming Flick

This just in, following the catchy Kit Kat jingle, Chance The Rapper may soon make a jump to Chance The Actor with his upcoming film, ‘Slice’. The movie, which has been tagged as a pizza-delivery thriller will have Chance playing the lead role of the pizza delivery guy. Ok, you can drop those raised eyebrows, this is an actual movie that’ll hit theatres.

The rapper even gave his fans am exclusive mini peak into his new venture on Twitter. Have a look:

And although, there is hardly anything that once can deduce form that micro-mini trailer (except for the fact that the background score is going to be rad AF), director Austin Vesley in an interview with RedEye Chicago reveals some more.

Vesley said that Lil Chano would be playing the character of a werewolf named Dax Lycander. “He is actually a werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver. Basically, these murders start happening and they hearken back to an incident that happened with him years before, and they arouse the town’s suspicions”, GQ quoted Vesley.screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-7-32-45-pm

The director highlighted a few of his inspirations for Chance’s character, revealing that the movie has an interesting chase scene. “That scooter or that moped in the poster is kind of like a totem for Chance’s werewolf character. He speeds in and out like how the Joker comes in and out of ‘The Dark Knight’. That’s the inspiration for how we handled the Dax character”, he added.


Produced by A24, the movie is slated for a 2017 release.


Feature Image: The Fader