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Chance The Rapper May Be Grilling At A Nandos Near You!


If you’re a fan of Nando’s or Chance the Rapper then this news is for you! Today, September 5th (lovingly known as Teacher’s Day in our subcontinent). Chance is going to be grilling up a storm at the new Nando’s outlet that is opening in Chicago, Illinois, according to a Tweet by Nando’s.

On Sept. 5, not only will Chance get to work with the popular chicken restaurant, but he’ll be able to do it in his hometown, and raise money for his Social Works charity in Chicago. Chance’s official Twitter handle said:

Chance’s Social Works charity was created to “empower youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement.” Nando’s has been working with several charities, raising over $225,000 in a week until now. Nando’s said you would not need to RSVP, but they did not say how long Chance would be there, grilling up your chicken but it’s safe to say, that the earlier the better. Best not to take a chance!

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