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Chai Point Has Finally Introduced Their Smart Tea Dispenser –


Earlier this year, we reported on tea retail startup, Chai Point, introducing a smart tea dispenser for the work place. As of yesterday, they finally released a video to show you more about this tea dispenser, also known as

For tea lovers everywhere, the problem is always getting your tea just right. Sometimes it’s stewed too much, or there’s too much milk or not enough sugar. And that’s what the is here to tackle. As they say in the video, tea bags are a compromise and companies don’t have an exact number of cups of tea consumed in a day. And on top of all of this, companies are constantly facing trouble with dispenser maintenance and other problems.

What Is the

It’s a cloud based platform for beverage services. Which means that your dispenser is connected to the cloud that can be accessed by Chai Point and they are able to monitor and keep check on every dispenser they have set up in offices. Whether to know if the dispenser is having trouble or there isn’t any coffee or tea left in the dispenser, they are instantly alerted and someone is sent to fix the problem instantly.

They’re starting with chai and filter coffee and promise to use 100% natural ingredients, fresh milk and everything goes through a fresh brewing process. And what’s more? It’s not just Chai Point that has access to your dispenser, the information is also shared with the company and they can keep a track of every cup of chai consumed. And in one location, you track the progress of every machine in all your offices.

Watch their video to get more information and you can sign up for your own dispenser in your office simply by getting in touch with Chai Point.