CG Corp Considers India As A Serious Market

CG Corp is the only billion dollar company in Nepal and the group takes India as a strong market for real estate, infrastructure, hospitality and food park among others in India according to the Global Executive Director Varun Chaudhary. “India is a key and serious market for us,” Chaudhary told PTI in an interview.

Future Plans Of CG Corp In India

The group is the maker of the popular Wai Wai noodles and is currently present in 30 countries. Chaudhary however has not commented on the amount that they are looking at for investing in India. He simply said that they are assessing and waiting for the right time. He also mentioned in the interview that they were all set to inaugurate Rajasthan’s mega food park.

“We are looking to inaugurate the Greentech Mega Food Park this year. This is a ‘farm to fork’ model. The park so far attracted Rs 200 crore and of which our group is investing Rs 100 crore in a new noodle plant,” Chaudhary said. Currently there are 12 outlets in India but plans are to expand them to 50 by December and raise the number to more than 200 in the coming years.

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