Cereal Brand Bagrry’s Is Looking At Launching Health Focused Quick Service Restaurants

Health food and breakfast cereal brand Bagrry’s India Ltd will soon be opening a chain of quick service restaurants – Bagrry’s On the Go, reports The Economic Times. These outlets will aim to compete with popular QSR and fast food giants such as McDonald’s and KFC to give customers healthier quick food choices. 


The Bagrry’s Story

Established over 20 years ago by Shyam Bagri, Bagrry’s is one of India’s largest cereal makers. For the layman, Bagrry’s offers a range of cereal products such as Museli, Oats and Wheat Bran.


The company also supplies products such as rolled oats, jumbo oats, oat bran and wheat bran in bulk to various clients including Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, Nestle and the ITC Hotels. Interestingly, it also supplies to fast food chains including KFC, Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

Bagrry’s On The Go

It’s precisely these fast food brands that Bagrry’s hopes to provide an alternative to with the launch of their QSRs. They will serve healthy foods such as oat based sandwiches, muesli and wheat bran based desserts that are made using their products, ET reports.


The need for healthier eating has never been greater in India; lifestyle diseases are on the rise, while a recent study showed that children across metropolises in India have unhealthy BMIs. Indeed, PM Modi only yesterday suggested that aerated drinks include 2% fruit juice content.

How open do you think the Indian market will be to these new QSRs and – subsequently – the burgeoning health food revolution?