Center Fresh Launches New Cool Cola Gum

Are you a big fan of Cola and gum? Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt. Ltd has put together the perfect fusion of both in their new Cool Cola gum.


Gum Gets Some Cool Cola

The new gum is a part of Perfetti Van Melle’s flagship Center Fresh chewing gum brand. Center Fresh entered India in 1994 with a first of its kind liquid filled mint flavored gum. Since then it’s become a market leader for gums in India and is one of the top rankers in the Indian confectionary category.


Since 2015, Center Fresh approached advertising with the tagline “Chali Hawaa Mastaani” which emphasises both ‘freshness and coolness’. Its new product, Cool Cola gum follows that philosophy; the gum is filled with cool, liquid cola making it wonderfully refreshing.


To promote their new product, Center Fresh has rolled out a new ad developed by leading campaign form Oglivy & Mather:

Commenting on the new campaign, Arun Sharma, associate category director, marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India, says, “We have conducted extensive consumer research to bring a new flavour for a refreshing experience, and we are confident that consumers will love this new flavour. The new copy of campaign narrates the story in a compelling manner that would surely help generate trials for the new flavour.”