Celebrity Trainer Prashant Sawant & Nutritionist Pooja Makhija On Eating v/s Drinking Proteins

Drink Or Dig?

You’ve seen people roaming around with sippers of it, shops showcasing mammoth containers of it and people guzzling it down after workouts. Yes, we’re talking about the health talisman – the protein shake.

A lot of fitness experts swear by the pros of guzzling protein shakes. But if it is that healthy, why don’t dieticians recommend it instead of protein-rich foods. Hence continues the debate on what’s better – eating protein or drinking protein? Popular celebrity trainer Prashant Sawant and eminent clinical nutritionist Pooja Makhija explain their schools of thought on the matter. Here’s what they have to say.


Prashant Sawant Says “Guzzle”

Sawant clears the air by saying that protein ‘shakes’ aren’t anything like their namesake, the milkshake. *Bubble pops*

He goes on to explain the many pros of protein shakes. First off, it’s a boon for vegetarians who train because their only natural source of proteins – paneer, pulses, etc. – are not 100% protein and in a way not enough. Secondly, casein protein shakes can make for an alternative timesaving option for those who don’t have the time to prepare a meal.

And although protein shakes usually have no side effects, it is best to first consult an expert to get the shae that suits your diet, activity level and body weight. Additionally, people suffering from health snags like uric acid, kidney and cardiovascular problems must check with their doctor as well.Whey-Protein-400x242


Pooja Makhija Says “Nibble”

The nutritionist is a staunch believer of relying on Mother Nature than science. She says: “It’s better to eat your proteins be it plant-based or animal-based variety, which is naturally made versus something that is manufactured or engineered in lab. It’s far better to eat from a plate than a pill.”

Makhija adds that though the shakes may give your body the required nutrients, it can never give you the satisfaction of a proper meal. Moreover, the shake is a form of shortcut to lose weight and the moment you back to your regular diet, the results will disappear. Basically, if you don’t want to have protein shakes at the age of 70, eat healthy food instead.

That said, the nutritionist reiterates the fact that protein shakes do not magically endow a person with muscles. That comes only with regular workout. That too, if you’re lifting hundreds of kilos of plates to build a Dwayne Johnson body is when you need the shake. Normal exercise can well be supplemented with the usual diet of dal, roti and vegetables.protien-rich-foods


So which side are you on?


Source: DNA