Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar Appointed As Brand Ambassador For Bertolli

Bertolli Olive Oil, one of the leading producers of oil from Italy, has appointed celebrity chef Ranveer Brar as its brand ambassador. The popular television host and Master Chef India judge will act as as the face for Bertolli’s products, giving it a more localised touch for the Indian market. 

Marketing To The Indian Palette

Bertolli’s range of products include several varieties of olive oil, including extra light, classico and extra virgin olive oil. The products will be endorsed by Chef Ranveer Brar, with Bertolli hoping to expand its presence in the Indian market. Speaking about the association with Brar, Ridhi Kapoor, Brand Manager-India for Deoleo, the parent company of Bertolli, said, “Olive oil consumption is growing worldwide every year and India is one of the countries with great potential. Ranveer’s contribution to the brand will be via multiple innovative marketing campaigns that will demystify cooking with olive oil in an Indian scenario and attract a new generation to the kitchen in a fun and easy way.” 


A Leading Name In Indian Cuisine

Chef Ranveer Brar is a known personality in the hospitality industry with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The host of several television shows and the exclusive curator for the menu at MTV India’s chain of restaurants in India, Chef Brar has been the preeminent name in the food related sector for a number of years. The association with Bertolli is one of many new ventures for Chef Brar and is a distinct feather in the cap for the company. “Olive oil is one of the most dynamic and healthy contributors in the food sector today and I am honoured to be associated with Bertolli’s core values of quality and consistency,” said Brar.


Bertolli’s Benefits

Olive Oil’s significant health benefits and the growing need to educate people about the advantages of including olive oil as part of a healthy diet has led to Bertolli associating with Chef Brar, with an eye towards encouraging people to use its products for Indian cuisines. Noting the need for educating people about adopting a nutritious lifestyle by using Bertolli’s products, Chef Brar said, “Bertolli Olive oil is not only a delicious flavoring, it is healthy too. With inherent benefits that fully match today’s growing needs for a nutritious lifestyle, the benefits of olive oil have been seen in the Mediterranean Diet for centuries and the oil can naturally lend itself to Indian cuisine with scope for great creativity in the kitchen.”