It’s Celebration Time As Thailand Is Next In Line For The Michelin Guide In Asia

The World’s 50 Best organisation released their list for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and lots of surprises and shockers were revealed. But more importantly, Thai restaurants were featured on the list, including “Gaggan” by Gaggan Anand, “Nahm” in Bangkok, “Suhring” in Bangkok and many more. And now, Michelin is bringing its stars to the country.

According to TNN Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has pledged financial support to this project for the next five years. And the Thai Michelin guide will hit shelves before the end of this year.

While nothing is quite official or announced yet, the guide might focus primarily on Bangkok. As the captain of the country, it has a robust dining scene with restaurants of all kinds, opened by chefs from far and wide. Plus, Gaggan is located in Thailand and has held onto the #1 spot on the Asia’s 50 Best list for a few years. Besides this, they also have a very popular French restaurant, Le Normandie, which is also looking to be a three star restaurant in the new guide.

With the addition of the Thailand guide, it will be the fifth in Asia, the other countries being Seoul, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau and Singapore.