Celebration Of Chinese New Year At Wangs Kitchen In Bengaluru


Chinese New Year has come and gone but that doesn’t mean you cannot continue to enjoy mouth-watering dishes from the traditional Chinese cuisine. Head on down to Wangs Kitchen in Bengaluru and fill up your plate and stomach with unique flavours of the Chinese cuisine brought to life by the talented chefs. The menu at Wang’s Kitchen comprises of a contemporary take on the traditional dishes without losing the authenticity of which makes the dishes great.

Special Menu

The festival menu will bring forth traditional dishes from the five provinces in China – Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong. The dishes keeps the authenticity and at the same time brings a unique flavour profile to the dishes. The chefs at Wangs Kitchen have carefully curated numerous dishes such as Creamy Fujian, Chilli Lemon Fish Ball Soup, Black Bean Chilli Noodles, Sichuan Pabo Noodles and Royal Jinan. 


Sneak Peak

The menu for the Chinese New Year was on show when HungryForever was invited for an exclusive sneak peak. An assortment of dishes were served that caught us by surprise because of the unique flavours emanating from the dishes, from soup, starters to main course. Although there were several dishes on the special menu, we were more than happy to try most on the menu. 



The special Chinese New Year menu will be available at Wangs Kitchen until the end of this month and you can enjoy an authentic but contemporary take on the traditional dishes from the Chinese cuisine.