Celebrating The Art Of Contemporary Cuisine With Chef Jed Gerrard

Celebrating The Art Of Contemporary Cuisine With Chef Jed Gerrard

Chef Jed Gerrard has artistic and intensive culinary skills which we got to experience first-hand courtesy of the tie-up between All Things Nice and the COMO – The Treasury Hotel. Chef Gerrard is the Executive Chef at Wildflower, a brilliant fine dining restaurant at the hotel and during his first trip to India he landed at the Sofitel Hotel in Mumbai and here’s what we experienced.

A Masterclass With Chef Jed Gerrard

Chef Gerrard brought with him the fresh produce of Western Australia with him to demonstrate the nuances and intricate methods to make them shine. His style of contemporary cuisine was intricate, bursting with flavours and absolutely amazing. The first dish he plated up was made up of eucalyptus mousse, young zucchini kept in cold water making tiny bowls out of them and three kinds of tomatoes – green, red and the dehydrated tomato crisps. The fresh herb dressing, the zing of eucalyptus gives your taste buds a unique treat and it leaves you with the feel good after taste of the tomatoes and of course the fresh carnations. Spectacular! He called this dish Summer On A Plate and we couldn’t agree more.

Next up, Chef Gerrard showed us just how beautiful and amazing raw wild fish can be and that radish can add the perfect blush to it and make it a delicate looking dish which is as pretty as a picture. Thinly sliced radish was used to wrap the fish and the lovely dressing was made of fresh green apples complete with the zing of the finger lime cream that elevated the dish. Final touches of garnish with radish, fennel, a sprinkle of sumac and of course the snow made using molecular gastronomy was top notch. The fish melted in our mouths, none of the flavours were overpowering and it was simple fine touches and details that made it oh so yum.

We had a great time learning the exquisite way of plating and the skillful techniques that go into making contemporary fine dining dishes by Chef Jed Gerrard. What we take back is that sticking to fresh local produce and looking at the finer details is a must and it can make or break a dish.