Celebrating International Pizza and Beer Day With Pizza Hut And Mahou !

Pizza and Beer are a match made in heaven, for those who are above the legal age, of course! The golden glass of joy seems to be tailor-made to go with fresh and cheesy pizzas. But what makes this irresistible pair even better is having an entire day dedicated to binging on pizzas and gulping down chilled beer! And so, our fellow foodies, let’s rejoice as the International Beer and Pizza Day is here to bring you the ultimate joy of gorging on a slice of the all-new Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut and Mahou Maestra Wheat Beer.

Whether you are a veggie lover or a hardcore non-vegetarian, Pizza Hut’s delicious new pan pizzas have you covered. They have introduced exciting vegetarian toppings like tandoori paneer, green and yellow zucchini, black olives, soya masala chunks. Non-vegetarians can make delectable choices from amongst chicken toppings like chicken tikka, chicken pepperoni and chicken sausage. Pair it with a can of Mahou Wheat Beer and you are home. With its fruity aroma, slight hint of hops and a touch of sweetness, Mahou is the ultimate choice for beer lovers.

It’s the perfect fusion of Spain and India Ethos because of the mixture of its tangy hints and fruity feeling of Sevillian (Spanish) orange peel and the herbal spicy notes nutty and citrus flavour with lemony notes of Himalayan organic coriander makes it refreshing, delectable and easy to drink. What we love about this beer the most is that even though it’s a Spanish beer, which would naturally go well with authentic tapas of Spain like patatas bravas, croquettes et al, it pairs amazingly well with the freshest and tastiest Pizza Hut pizzas, as well as cheese platters, chicken, jalapenos and seafood including prawns and shrimps.

We say that every day should be beer and pizza day, but at least today you have an official excuse to go all out, eating and drinking to your heart’s content. Cheers to a happy, delicious and burpy International Beer and Pizza day. Check out our experience on Facebook live here