Celebrate World Waffle Day With These Decadent Chocolate Waffles In Mumbai

Happy Waffle Day, foodies! We think waffles are so popular because they’re so versatile; you can turn them sweet with chocolate, candies or whipped cream or savoury with ham and eggs. Our favourite way to enjoy waffles is with dollops and dollops of chocolate. To celebrate this delicious day, here’s where you can get the best chocolate waffles in Mumbai:

Double Chocolate Mascarpone Waffles at The Pantry

These double chocolate waffles, served with mascarpone are pure decadence.

Swiss Chocolate Obsession from Movenpick


Fresh, hot Belgian waffles are served with Swiss chocolate and Stracciatella ice cream and topped with chocolate shavings.

Belgian Waffles from Fat Kid Deli

Belgian waffles are topped with Nutella, sea salt, whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Naked Nutella Waffles at The Belgian Waffle Co


The Belgian Waffle Co stuffs a filling between two crunchy golden waffles; we love the Naked Nutella which is sort of like a Waffle Nutella sandwich. Add bananas if you’d like!

Choco Nut Waffles at Waffle House

Don’t want a full waffle? Try this unique waffle stick and you’ll never look back.

Nutella Waffles at Di Bella Coffee

Some more Nutella waffles for you to go gaga over. And – look at that whipped cream.

Excessive Chocolate Waffles at Prithvi Cafe


These waffles are topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate chips, brownies, chocolate mousse and chocolate ice cream. Yup, they’re a mouthful.