Celebrate Valentine’s Day French Style At The French Loaf In Bengaluru

Valentine’s Day is a special day to spend with your loved ones or the one you would like to love. What better way to impress that special someone than heading on down to The French Loaf and indulging in decadent authentic French pastries? The French Loaf is spreading love on Valentine’s Day with their special Fete De Eclair menu – a delicious spread of French eclair pastries curated by Chef Boopesh, Corporate Chef of The French Loaf & Le Chocolatier.


Valentine’s Day Special

The menu for Valentine’s Day at The French Loaf consists of 14 varieties of decadent confectionaries, including several variations of French eclairs and macroons. The pastries were carefully designed by Chef Boopesh, keeping in mind the authenticity of the classic desserts. The menu for the special night includes pastries with exotic flavours, including red velvet cheese cake, lemon curd and brownie cream eclairs. “The French Loaf is known for offering hand-crafted exclusive products and has been always a sought after destination for bakery lovers. Every quarter we introduce a new range of products and today, we have launched a new range of authentic French éclair pastries. These products are blended with luscious flavors of Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry and many more from the French cuisine to celebrate the occasion, ” added Chef Boopesh. 


Explosion Of Flavours

During an exclusive tasting event held last week for the media, HungryForever had a chance to taste some of the varieties on the menu and we were blown away by the taste and the flavours of the assortment of pastries. The authenticity of French eclairs is fantastically curated by Chef Boopesh and his team with several varieties capturing the exact taste with an introduction of new and unique flavours. The red velvet cheesecake eclairs was our personal favourite followed closely by the lemon curd eclairs.


The Menu

The special Valentine’s day menu will be available at the French Loaf outlets from February 8th onwards.

Fete De Eclair Menu. 

Crème de fruits frais

(Fresh fruit Custard)

Classique mousseline à la vanille

(Classic vanilla mousseline)

Fantaisie de chocolat

(Chocolate Fancy)

Fraises fraîches sur le français crème pâtisserie

(Fresh Strawberry on French pastry cream)

Caramel Nougat

Brownie crème de café

(coffee brownie cream)

Crème d’amandes

(Almond cream)

Fromage à la crème de velours rouge

(Red velvet cheese cream)

Chocolate Praline

(Praline Chocolate)

Crème à la pistache

(Pistachio cream)

Crème de citron

(Lemon curd)

Blanc et mousse au chocolat noir

(White and Dark chocolate mousse)

Crème caramel

(Caramal Cream)

Caramel salé

(Salty caramal)

Mangue mascarpone

(Mango Mascarpone)

Irish crème de café

(Irish coffee custard)

Macaroons Menu

Macaroon framboise


Crème à café irlandais

(Irish coffee Cream)

Crème de pistache

(Pistachio Cream)



Caillé d’orange

(Orange Curd)

Chocolat à la menthe

(Mint Chocolate)

Compote de bleuets

(Blueberry compote)